WortelKermis geniet al van een zeer lange en mooie geschiedenis met veel goede bands. Hieronder trachten we een overzichtje te geven. (wanneer iemand gegevens heeft over vroegere edities, laat het ons weten!)

2018 - Kolos, Fire Down Below, For I Am, The RG's, 5napback, Bountyhunter, Da Rick, GumboGumbo, Woesten, Daredevils, Crooked Steps, Moar, Koyle

2017 – False Archetypes, Kids in the Sandbox, Black Leather Jacket, Magnetic Spacemen, T.Mastis, Freaquency, Iguana Death Cult, Gas House Gorillas, WC Experience, Shotgun Sally, Giant Tiger Hooch, Private Zoo

2016 - The Sick Boys, Dirty Harries, King for a Day, We'reWolves, Linde Merckpoel & Johnny DC, Freaquency, Velvet Eyes, The Skadillacs, Rhea, The Buckshots, The Belpop 4

2015 – Collapsed, Wulf of Collision, Kids in the Sandbox, Wolfskop, Laston & Geo, Turntable Dubbers, Candle.Bags, Hoge Noorden Connect, The Skadillacs, Helsinki, Black Mirrors, Pagan Baby

2014 – Think Ahead, BRUTUS, Castles, Tangled Horns, King Hiss, The Whatevers, Redding, Dario Mars & The Guillotines, The Buckshots, Small Time Crooks, Boogie Beasts

2013 – Equal Idiots, Toxic Shock, The Black High, Shaking Godspeed, Heat, Only The Lonelies, Dvkes, Statue, Circle J, The Reeves, Giant Tiger Hooch, The Dirty Daddies

2012 – Wulf Of Collision, Point Of View, The Strzebonsky Noizescene, Kabul Golf Club, The Rott Childs, Only The Lonelies, The Prospects, Great Mountain Fire, The Hot Stewards, Maison Du Malheur, Doghous Sam & His Magnatones, Moonshine Reunion

2011 – The New Industry, 808SNKRHDZ, Let Lewis Live, Horses On Fire, Gipsy On The Rocks, Rave Our Souls, Mr. Wallace, Smooth Lee, Pickle Juice, TMGS, Voodoo Swing, John Henry Orchestra

2010 – James Berlin, De Dannetels, We’re Wolves, Kapitan Korsakov, Drums Are For Parades, Basement In Motion All Stars, Tangled Horns, Wallace Vanborn, Waldorf (Mint cancelled), The Rhythm Beats, The Bamboo Apple Cutters, John Henry Orchestra

2009 – The Hot Stewards, To The Bone, The Rones, Creature With The Atom Brain, Moore & Less (Soda & Suds cancelled), Diablo Blvd., Osdorp Posse, The New Industry, Cole Park, The Youreallygotme’s

2008 – The Criticals, , Gipsy On The Rocks, The Porn Bloopers, The Gemans, The Moe Green Specials, The Zydepunks, Armedillo, Smokestack Lightnin’, Clearwater

2007 – The Heirs, Radio Infinity, Miss Moses, Bobby Ewing, The Bandgeek Mafia, Mark Foggo’s Skasters, Discobaar Stoppelbaard, The Slowclub, El Pino and the Volunteers, Jiving Sister Fanny

2006 – Southern Voodoo, Vegas, White Circle Crime Club, Jan Van Biesen, The Cluricauns, Amour Fou!, Discobaar Stoppelbaard, Jiving Sister Fanny, The Seatsniffers

2005 – Thunder Heart Machine, Sincere, Sold Out, Dj Jef, Nono Newton, J-Stars, The Money, Smooth Lake, Legends Of Rock

2004 – The Stitch, The Mormones, Stijn Smets, Matchbox Jean, Jaya The Cat, Let’s Quit, Hètten Dès, AC/Quo, T-99

2003 – The Stitch, Dj Nepz, Dj Redhead, Matchbox Jean, P.O. Box, Doble Impacto, Fabgear, Clearwater

2002 – Jiving Sister Fanny, The White Circle Crime Club, Dj Marcos, Trish Van Eynde, Fun-Q, The O’Haras, Def P & The Beatbusters, Big John Bates & The Furys (& the Voodoo Dollz), The Nightporters

2001 – Jiving Sister Fanny, Bonedaddy, Bambix, Dj Pierre, Velvetone, The Whodads, Typhonic V, Max Tax Y Sus Banditos

2000 – A 200 Club, Geschmaksverstärker, Dj Psychogene, The Special Effects, Proyeccion Latina, Benvis & His Rockets, Los Fabulous Frankies

1999 – Pants Down Spankin’, Crapolooney, One X More, Metal Molly, Buscemi, The Blue Chicks Slotband, Nonkel Ney’s Rhythm & Blues Band, Admiral Freebee, Max Tax Y Sus Banditos

1998 – Nonkel Ney’s Rhythm & Blues Band, PYGP, Panache Culture Feat Coco Jr. & Djeynah’d, 50 Foot Combo, Give Buzze, Martino Y Los Vedettos, Guido Belcanto & De Libido’s